Shamanic Wisdom Readings

Taking the Sacred Path - $25 - This spread is used to determine outcomes of situations involving two concerns and a reason. It can be used for relationships both personal and business.

Following your Path - $50 - Each card in this array represents a day of the week starting with whatever day you choose and continuing for one week.

Nostradamus Lost Tarot Readings

The Quatrain Oracle Reading - $10 - This reading answers the one question you ask of it. This reading is done in Quatrain format exactly how Nostradamus would’ve delivered it.

The Alchemist Spread - $35 - This reading draws upon alchemical processes and applies them to the power of the questioner to discover powerful answers.

The Alpha & Omega Spread - $50 - This reading is particularly helpful when embarking on a new adventure or beginning a new relationship and is intended to help you overcome the obstacles you’ll face.

The Akashic Tarot

The Three-Card Spread - $20 - This reading looks at past influences, present circumstances and future potential.

The Pyramid Spread - $40 - This spread is helpful when you have questions about specific work and creative projects. Relationships and family situations can also be considered as creative projects.

The Wheel of Life - $80 - This spread combines the astrological wheel showing the 12 houses of the Life Path with 5 houses that display people and situations that you are on your path today and finally, 1 house that allows you to peek into your future.

Your Year Ahead - $100 - This spread looks into the 12 houses of your future Life Path in depth, allowing you foresight so you might plan ahead and ready yourself for the obstacles you’ll face.

The Fairy Tarot

The Three Wishes - $12 - This spread is for when you’re feeling unmotivated or unclear about your goals, your needs, and your direction in life.

The Horseshoe - $35 - This reading is for detailed guidance on a goal or wish.

The Fairy Ring - $45 - This reading is to gain insight into the past year of your life, as well as your soul and its future potential.

The Fairy Castle - $135 - This is a general in-depth fortune reading and a mirror to your heart’s secret desires.

Exclusive Readings

The Crystal Power Tarot Reading - $15 - This reading will reveal your current and your future situation. It will also give you a Power Message, while telling you which crystal will work best for you and why.

The Random Deck Reading - $50 - This is when you allow the Medium to choose a deck of cards, not listed here, that she thinks is best suited to you. She will deliver the reading the cards wish for you to hear. This reading can prove extremely insightful as she delves into the subconscious and the unconscious mind to uncover the things that have the most impact upon you.

Futhark or Amethyst Runes

Odin’s Rune - $5 - This reading gives you an overview of your current situation and is particularly helpful when you are seeking guidance under duress.

Asking the Norns - $15 - This reading is used to answer 3 “Yes” or “No” questions of your choosing.

Shamanic Layout - $20 - This reading tells you what is hidden, what is on the surface, and what is not yet manifested.

Three Lifetimes - $25 - This reading is used to consider issues related to reincarnation and provides you with information about what you still need to deal with from your past lives so you can change your current situation.

The Rune Cross - $30 - This reading provides a more complete picture of your situation and its dynamics, giving you the clarity you seek.

Standard Native American Astrology & Animal Totem Reading - $125
Shamanic Native American Astrology & Animal Totem Reading - $180
Standard Dream Translation - $12.50
In-Depth Dream Translation - $30

Chi Ball Healing - $30 - This is one of the most simple and effective ways of sending healing energy and attunements. It is Ina’s energy that forms the Chi Ball. ... She creates it with her breath and energy. Once the Chi Ball is created, she disconnects from the Chi Ball so it stands on its own completely energized and sends it to you to receive.

Angelic Healing - Standard or Advanced - $60 - $90 - This healing is done with 2-5 principle Archangels. These angels anchor Ina’s physical body to the Earth, and her soul to Lyra – the planet where the Archangels reside. Ina then sends her spirit to you to perform a set of healing procedures that use the power of crystals and the rays of healing light of the Archangels who are present during the heal.

Reiki Crystal Cleanse - $80 - Ina performs this healing beyond the physical touch and the limitations of time and space, by using a photo and the full name of the seeker. Reiki works by channelling positive energy into your body and your body naturally takes it into the areas where it is most needed. Ina creates and uses crystal grids for this practice.

Shamanic Spirit Cleanse - $100 - These are also referred to as “remote healing sessions”. You don’t have to be in the presence of a shaman to receive healing. Ina is a Peruvian and a Native Shaman or Medicine Woman, and works in an ecstatic trance state, which alters her consciousness and allows her to travel to the realms of the invisible worlds. Her shamanism, in this regard, is a relationship-based practice of making changes in invisible realms to bring healing to her client. Ina does this by extracting the negative energies in your body, soul and spirit, and replacing it with positive light energy that she draws directly from the Universe.

This service is undertaken via Email and consists of 6 to 18 sessions. Each session lasting 30 minutes each and involving some meditation and some homework.

Spiritual life coaching is intended to help the client to wake up to their own spiritual journey and inner growth, while contemplating the purpose of their life and connecting with what is within themselves through meditation and other spiritual practices and philosophies. All spiritual paths are sacred and each person’s path differs.

Basic Spiritual Life Coach Package
(6 sessions) - $160
Standard Spiritual Life Coach Package
(12 sessions) - $340
Advanced Spiritual Life Coach Package
(18 sessions) - $520

Tree of Life Healing Package - $300 - This package consists of 12 sessions, one every week for 3 months. It teaches you the Art of Meditation while sharing some tried and tested Art Therapy techniques. This package is undertaken via Email and by Messenger if you have it.

The 31-Day Creative Therapy Challenge - $320 - This is a daily therapy conducted every day for 31 days. You are given an achievable list of goals per day to complete. You are also given a 1-hour time slot on Messenger to discuss those activities with Ina and to measure your progress. At the end of this talking session, you’re given the next day’s tasks. This therapy requires for you to undertake daily activities while keeping a written journal.


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Ina is a Solitary White Witch and Higher Shaman with Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairessence and Clairvoyant abilities. She is a spiritual healer and lightworker with more than 15 years’ experience, healing effectively at distance and covering a wide array of ailments physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Ina does not adhere wholly to any specific religion and thus, is both neutral and respectful towards the belief systems of her clients.

She is fully qualified in several modalities of healing, Herbalism (Phyto Therapy), and Advanced Spiritual Life Coaching and has been practising Divination through Tarot and Runes for over 20 years. She is also a qualified Psychotherapist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapist (REBT).

As a fully qualified Shamanic Life Coach, Ina chooses to follow the path of the Great Spirit and this is often reflected in her astrology and divination work.

“Amazing Native American Astrology and Animal Totem reading today; it was 100% accurate, no flaws at all. Very, very interesting at how accurate it was and what you told me I’m totally feeling at the moment. So,I can’t wait to book another reading sometime soon” – Adam, from London, UK

“I recently booked and had a distance healing session with Ina for pain transmutation. During meditation, when I entered a trance-like state, Ina used universal light energy to locate the source of my pain and bring me some relief. I suffer with back and joint pain and mental and emotional health issues. After the session, I felt almost no pain in my back or joints and was much less depressed! It was money well spent. Thanks Ina!!” – Julie, from Sacramento, CA

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Ina for the comprehensive and intuitive dream reading. I would recommend her skills to anyone. She is on point, thorough, and adds her own special touch of love to her work.” – Nicole, from Bismarck, North Dakota

“I just had a Following Your Path reading with Ina and I believe I’m more in tune and more prepared for my week than I’ve ever been thanks to her! Everything she said made me more determined to do something I’ve been putting off for far too long and the cards say that this week will be a great week to do it and succeed! Thank you, Ina! xx.” -  Jazz, from Jackson, Mississippi

“I had a War Path reading yesterday and it was amazing. The reading was spot on about what's been going on in my life and what directions to go next. Not thought about anything else all day. Thank you Ina!” – Sharon, from Vancouver, Canada

“Had a "Taking the Sacred Path" reading today. I would seriously recommend to anyone looking for truth and clarity. I feel surer of my decisions and choices and feel like I am on the right track now. The cards resonated so strongly. Ina is so lovely too. Anyone who is not too sure of their path, just give it a go. I feel very clear now. Thank you, Ina xxx” – Sarah, from Brighton, UK

“I absolutely loved my reading with Ina! She picked up on things nobody else has figured out and gave a wonderful reading! Thank you so much Ina! xx” –Alejandro, from Tijuana, Mexico

“OMG.... I have no words to describe the reading I received. It has shown me clarity and the way to heal my spirit. I RECOMMEND this service to anyone, believers and non-believers alike... if you really want the REAL DEAL then have a Nostradamus reading... IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. Thank you Inaxxxx Forever in your debt for your strength and guidance... love and light xxxx” – Monique, from Tasmania, Australia


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